1-2-1 sound healing sessions  services0

individually tailored to the client’s needs.   £50

Group sessions

£180 for groups up to 20 people, £10 per person above 20, plus travel expenses.
It takes an hour to set up and an hour to take down.

Space clearing

The energy of the places in which we live and work have a direct effect on our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Energetically everything that happens in a building clings like dust and is imprinted within its structure.  Traumas, arguments, stress, depression, addictions, ill health, all will leave traces of stagnant energy affecting the people who live and work there. Space clearing is a profound and highly effective technique to clear this residual energy from a home or place of work, leaving it filled with vibrant, positive and revitalised energy.  Investment £150.

Available for

playing at Handfastings, Baby Naming Ceremonies, Full Moon Ceremonies,
Equinox Ceremonies, Stonehenge and Avebury Ceremonies.

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